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This is how I did it, and how you can too

After my last blog post on "How to get customers to your website from Google" in a hypothetical way, I decided to do my own case study using my website to see how fast I can increase my ranking.

Contrary to popular belief saying that "It takes 4 to 12 months to see improvement to your websites' rankings" we were able to get it done in just 10 short days.

How? I certainly didn't use any techniques that have a chance of getting my website penalized, I completely stuck to the script that I know works best and 10 days later we ranked.

I began this project on 6/12 and I saw the jump in ranking on 6/21 just nine days later.

So how was I able to jump ahead of 37 million-plus web pages? 

Let us find out :)

Step 1 : Look for the low-hanging fruit (Keyword research)

You're lost in the wild, you're hungry, and on your path, you notice an apple tree with hundreds of apples on it. Your eyes light up.

Now, considering you're weak and hungry, wouldn't it make the most sense to go for the apples closest to the ground first?  You won't have to jump for it, throw things at it or put in much effort for you to get your hand on those apples,

An added benefit is it'll give you more energy to go for the apples higher up.

That's one of the most important steps in effective SEO. The chances of ranking your brand new website for a commonly searched keyword (a high-hanging fruit) with high volume plus value, is slim to none. 

Your chances to rank for a keyword with low search volume (low-hanging fruit) but still, high value to your business is the only way to see quick improvements to your new website.

How I found my low-hanging fruit

How I ranked my website on Google in less than 14 days_ Nature Way Marketing


My domain (website name or URL) is just over 2 months old. So it's still a very new domain, and in those 3 months, I have moved my website 3 times to 3 different platforms LOL

So that's not helping.

But something that DID help me was having my domain property on Google Search Console.

This allowed me to see which search queries were causing my website to show up. and allowed me to know which low-hanging fruit I was most likely to rank for that is valuable to my business.

Because I offer "website management" services and I work with businesses in Cincinnati. The search term "website management in Cincinnati" is very relevant to me and my website.

I'm getting lots of impressions from it already, and it's clear it'll be one of the easiest search queries I can rank for.

Step 2 : Create Web Pages With Purpose

The next task is to create a page that's relevant and targeted to your low-hanging fruit. A page that will win us search traffic for "Website management in Cincinnati" 

My chosen page type was an appointment booking landing page. 

Top of page content -

How to rank your website on Google fast_ Nature Way Marketing

I made a quick landing page for searchers looking for "website management in Cincinnati". I Included my keyword in the page title, in the URL, the page description, and also in my actual page content. 

Middle of page content -

How to rank website on Google fast_ Nature Way Marketing


Bottom of page content -

How to rank your website fast_ Nature Way Marketing

Yes I fixed the typos ;)

This is a page that's catered to someone seeking to book an appointment with a website manager in Cincinnati.

It doesn't have 2000 words worth of info on it.

It's actually quite short, but it meets the intention of a searcher who is looking for a website manager to speak with, so if someone was to land on this they would still find it valuable. 

Once my page was finished I added a link to get there directly on my website menu, and I submitted my URL to Google Search Console to ensure the web page was found and indexed on search engines as soon as possible. 

Submitting my URL to Google Search Console -How I ranked my website on Google in less than 14 days_ Nature Way Marketing

Step 3 : Track the Ranking of Your Web Page

If you're waiting on clicks to tell whether or not what you're doing is working, ohhh do I have news for you!

You will easily miss, or maybe even destroy your chances of increasing your rankings if you aren't measuring your results.

You normally receive impressions way before you receive clicks so it's a reliable guiding star. Hence why I chose Google Search Console to create a web page based on my highest impressions.

There are a number of software that exist to help you track your rankings for specific keywords on your website. My favorite one to use for multiple reasons is Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest shows your rankings for specific keywords, as well as which of your web pages rank for it. 

The combination of using these 2 tools will help you make sure that you are heading in the right direction.

On 6/12 these were the keywords I ranked for. As you can see I only ranked for my domain name/business name, and I ranked for that late on page 2 or early page 3 since Google shows 10 results per page.

Keywords I ranked for on 6/12 -

How I ranked my website on Google in less than 14 days_ Nature Way Marketing

Ubersuggest also only tracks your keywords that are in the top 10 pages of Google search or the top 100, beyond that you will simply see "not ranked" whether you're position #101 or #97,805.

Once you break into the top 100 it shows as if you went from position 100 to where you are now.

I remained patient and checked on my improvements for the first time after about 4 days, I didn't expect anything to change any sooner than 4 days, but even 4 days was actually optimistic!

After a week I started checking in once a day, and after doing my regular checkups early one day, to my surprise BAM rankings improved.

Step 4 : Check the results 

"On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me-" Just kidding.

On the 9th day upon checking my website rankings, mid zoom meeting, I saw a jump in my rankings.

BTW I stopped tracking the general search terms that were showing thousands of monthly search volumes in the picture above, and instead started tracking the keywords I actually wanted to rank for.

How I ranked my website on Google in less than 14 days_ Nature Way Marketing blogs

Another beauty of Ubersuggest is, that it allows you to track where you rank for a specific keyword locally if someone is searching in a specific city, and also where you rank for that same keyword internationally for a searcher who is anywhere in the country. 

According to these results I went from not being ranked to middle page 4. Impressive, it's time to make sure.

How to make sure the rankings are accurate

Open up a private incognito tab so it doesn't save what you type and shows you a less judged view of search results. 

Type your search phrase and go to the page or around the number your tool has you ranked and look for your website.

In my case, I started on page #4 to look for my site, but I found nothing. Hmmm, this lying-ass software... 

No, just kidding, the tools are great indication of where you are it's not always perfectly accurate but it gives you an idea, that's why we do the double check.

But it's better than guessing, after checking page 4, I went up to page 5, found nothing and so I went down to page 3 of search result pages, and there I was 🤩

I had to take 2 screenshots of the search engine result page to clearly show you all where my page stood.

This is the top half of page 3 as you can see.

Results page How I ranked my website on Google in less than 14 days_ Nature Way Marketing

And this is the second half of page 3 where you can see my website currently ranks #27 waaaohhhh 😃

Results website management (1) 

We did it, we officially ranked above more than 37 million web pages and landed ourself on page 3 of the search results in less than 14 days from targeting a certain keyword.

The work we put in has paid off, or at least its starting to pay off and we can see huge jumps and great improvements. I mean, it's not everyday that you can jump over this many website.

Being on page 3 won't bring me much business and clicks if at all, but if I'm able to rank on page 3 within 10 days, I can most definitely improve my website greatly and start actually getting clicks by month 3/4 or possibly even sooner.   

This called for a toast, plain, warm, with some delicious plant based butter. 😋 

Thats showbiz baby!

In less than 14 days I was able to rank my newly created website on google, beating more than 37 million+ other website pages relating to the same or very similar topic! 

 For me to rank this fast as you can see was 100% intentional, I didn't leave it up to chance, and neither should you.

Most website owners and business owners have little to no knowledge of SEO, so they have no way to test, adjust, and control the ranking of their website.

Often the work gets outsourced to other "SEO Companies" who have no idea what they're doing in turn wasting business owners' time and money by feeding them fluff.

Don't get me wrong, 10 days is fairly quick for your business to increase its ranking, and although my rankings increased greatly it's not until I get to page 1 that I can see the benefits of my work. 

This is how you ensure the improvement of your website. 

This is how to rank your website in days without waiting 120+ days to see improvements.

Questions, comments, feedback, or help with your internet marketing? 

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Ibrahim Konate
Post by Ibrahim Konate
June 23, 2022
Ibrahim has been practicing internet marketing for over 5 yeas. Equipped with some of the highest industry certifications and real world experience. He's now nose deep in search engine optimization and website management.