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Nature Way Marketing goes above and beyond to ensure your business is racing to the top using the tools and know-how to get your website ranked fast.

We examine every possible angle to reach results in the shortest amount of time while aligning our efforts with the long-term goal of your business. 

What Do The Most Successful Companies All Have in Common?

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A Website Customers Will Love

The importance of your website to your business is not to be overlooked.

Your website is your one greatest asset online that may affect the way a potential client sees your business, how they find you, and rather or not they choose to do business with you.

According to multiple research reports, here are just a few benefits of having a great functional website and what happens if your website isn't invested in;

  • Most people SEARCH for websites before making a buying decisions
  • Your website is as important as your physical business, it's where your business lives on the internet
  • An intentionally targeted website gives you the biggest advantage of being found locally by people in the market for your product and services
  • Without a reliable and professional website manager you're potentially being drowned out of being found by these potential and ready-to-buy customers.
  • As long as you avoid companies who practice shady things like forcing you to pay hundreds in "hosting" fees for a website that makes you no return you will always benefit from your website.
  • Thankfully Nature Way Marketing can probably help you in that situation 😌
  • Last but not least, you will never get banned from your website. It's YOUR OWN website!   😃

Internet Marketing has ALWAYS Been Important for Local Businesses

As a business owner, YOUR website is not limited to being run on just another trending app or social media site.

Websites are a big part of the reason the world is more connected today than ever before. 

To Put it In Perspective

BMW invested over $25,000,000 on a redesign of their website in a single year

According toVanessa Fox in the book "Marketing In The Age Of Google"
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Customers Don't Find You by Accident

As a serious business owner, your online presence isn't something we take lightly at Nature Way Marketing.

It is the living digital location of your brand and the one most relied up on by your clients, past, present and future, when they're searching for you.

Put yourself in the race and and break through all the noise online to  the clutter and increasing your views online as well as your awareness overtime.

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The Benefits of a Targeted Website to Your Business

I'm sure you've heard of the word "Algorithm" before.

The more targeted and layered your website is (Nerds call this schema), the more it looks organized in the eyes of search engines.

Why should you care as a business owner? Millions of websites are created every single day on the internet and search engines exist to help us and the internet make sense of all of that information.

Your website is filled with information, and there aren't a million people behind computers to ensure each and every website is qualified to show up high on searches. 

Today, there is a number of things your website must check off so that the artificial intelligence behind search engines know what information is on your website and why it should rank it high.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Have to do With Your Website?

So if millions of websites are created every day who are the gatekeepers in making sure these websites aren't spammy, fraudulent, or irrelevant? 

That's where the A.I come in, they're called "Crawlers" these human-trained internet crawlers go through the internet daily to ensure websites are hitting certain checklists.

When the crawlers find websites that are hitting those checklists, it rewards them, if your website isn't hitting those certain things, you could miss out on the entire purpose of having a website

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Start now and be on your way to the top of your market. 

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since the beginning of the internet website have always dominated. More popular than any trending phone apps.

Although some apps may play a role in the success of your business, your website remains more important for more than a few reasons. 

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