DIY Small Business SEO

For those who can dedicate a few hours each week to the health of their website and online marketing goals. This DIY Business audit is the perfect project for you.

Wether you'd like to simply learn how to get this done yourself so you can handle your current and future websites, or if you'd like the know what needs to happen in the background for your website to be effective.

Our DIY package will get you up to speed and help you see things and create ideas you had no idea of before.

DIY Small business SEO_Nature Way Marketing

DIY Small Business SEO Includes

  •  Detailed Website Analysis

  •  Detailed Social Media Analysis

  •  Content Planning

  •  Google My Business Analysis

  •  Keyword Planning

  •  Blog and Web Page Planning

  •  One time payment

This detailed audit is enough to keep you busy working for months. But it's not enough to plan the work, you must also work your plan to get results.

DIY SEO Package for Small Businesses

SEO can seem like a never ending black hole, or a bunch of words that doesn't make any sense to you as a business owner. Maybe the price for it isn't within your budget currently.

With our SEO Package for small businesses, we put together an easy to understand and actionable list of tasks that you can complete to to take your online presence to the next level. 

The tasks includes changes that need to happen to your website, social media profiles, Google my business profiles, and other tips you can take to boost the growth of your business through the use of digital marketing.

The list can be completed by yourself, or one of your employees who has some technical and website knowledge. 

Happy growing ! 

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Start now and be on your way to the top of your market. 

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